Our values


Values and matters important to OXALIS

1) Freedom of thought

Freedom, not anarchy, is what OXALIS is founded on and what we hold dear. The company could only have come into being in an environment of freedom, one where we’re free to choose suppliers, select goods for our product range and make decisions every day. We have no foreign owner, being a purely Czech company, so there’s no untoward influence from afar. Not to mention that the country is a democracy, with freedom representing a component of its constitution. 

2) Honesty

We select, process and inspect all our products with utmost honesty.

Each sample of tea and coffee that comes in is carefully evaluated. Only products determined honestly as non-detrimental to health and the most successful are included in our range.

3) Dependability

OXALIS seeks to be a reliable partner in every respect, whether in terms of selecting items for our assortment, holding an appropriate amount of stock, handling orders accurately and maintaining relationships with suppliers.

4) No compromises

We refuse to compromise in the quality and safety of our products. There’s absolutely no exception made in this regard.

5) Health matters

A great focus is put on health at OXALIS. We source, process and sell the highest quality tea leaves and coffee beans on the planet.

6) Liability

We owe it to our customers to undertake operations (e.g. purchasing, importing, blending, roasting, sampling and making deliveries) responsibly.

7) Transparency

We’re very vocal about our operations, suppliers and production processes. The goal is to open the HQ to the public so it can be experienced in person.

8) Respect

We respect each business partner, just like we respect the relationships that exist throughout all our premises. Deep respect is also given to protecting the environment.

9) Humility

Every one of us is only here for a limited time. The universe has made it possible for the team at OXALIS to do fantastic work with some truly amazing tea and coffee. We humbly appreciate this gift bestowed on us.

10) Compassion

We have compassion for the needy. Given our capabilities, we try to help where it is needed. Therefore, the fruits of our labours aren’t just ploughed back into the company, but donations are also made through a variety of sponsorship activities for groups in society that can’t help themselves.


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