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It was a passion for high-quality loose leaf tea that ultimately led to OXALIS’ inception. Starting out as a small, family-run company in the summer of 1993, it has grown in the intervening years into a renowned importer, processor and distributor of loose leaf tea and premium speciality coffee.

The company has established strong contacts in the developing countries it directly sources products from (direct trade). Additionally, we are always on the lookout for impressive tea and coffee plantations in order to bring the best the world offers to your cup.

Our experts carefully peruse and select from the finest batches of loose leaf teas and coffee beans available; hence, we are assured of the quality of our products. Moreover, consistently checking the content of pesticides, heavy metals and microorganisms means the tea and coffee we sell complies with European Union regulations.

We roast coffee in-house on a state-of-the-art, ecological Loring Smart roaster. The blends of tea or coffee exclusive to OXALIS are formulated by our tasting team in the laboratory at the company’s headquarters. Miscellaneous flavourings and ingredients are applied to tea and coffee to create the authentic blends we produce.

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Our goods are packed on semi-automated and fully automated lines. Extreme care is taken to strictly separate the processing of pure loose leaf teas and coffees from flavoured varieties, while complete separation of tea-based products from those containing coffee happens as a matter of course.

OXALIS’ channel for distribution is based upon its own stores and those run under a franchise arrangement. There are now 65 in the Czech Republic, the domestic market for the company, which accounts for over half of the firm’s total turnover. In addition, our products can be purchased from several hundred other retail outlets. We also export products to more than 40 countries worldwide.

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Date founded: July 29, 1993
Product range: loose leaf tea, premium coffee, tea and coffee accessories, products based on tea and coffee
Number of employees: 130
Quality assurance: ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2016, HACCP, ORGANIC CERTIFICATION, regular laboratory testing of goods, IFS Food version 6 for coffee production, KLASA

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