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Subscriptions for tea or coffee

No need to worry about running out again.
Let us handle it.

Choose from subscriptions for 6 or 12 months and receive a package of items from OXALIS every month. Note: This is valid for the Czech Republic only.

Save up to 15% on standard prices and benefit from free delivery, while the option for 12 months also includes a free gift. Enjoy the best of OXALIS tea or coffee, conveniently.

  • Save up to 15%
    off normal prices

  • Free delivery
    for the duration
    of the subscription

Select the duration:


Choose the type of product:

The service starts at the beginning of the month that
follows registration.

Subscription for tea

Pure teas

This option comprises some of the most interesting pure teas. Look forward to receiving the best from all over the world every month, as carefully selected by professional tasters at OXALIS.

3 packs of tea per month 4 900 Kč 6 months
Subscription for tea

Tea assortment

This covers pure and flavoured teas, as well as fruit infusions and herbal tisanes. Experience a breadth of tastes and aromas each month with this assortment of items chosen from our range.

3 packs of tea per month 4 900 Kč 6 months
Subscription for coffee

Superior coffee

The choice for coffee connoisseurs. Sign up to get two types of select coffee sourced from all over the world every month, each one boasting its own unique taste profile.

2 packs of coffee per month 4 900 Kč 6 months

Give a subscription as a gift

Simply complete a form with the delivery address of the name, address and telephone number of the person receiving the subscription, and a voucher in PDF format shall be sent as an attachment in an email. Then it can be printed it out and presented to the recipient.

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