OXALIS has won several awards over the years and participated in prestigious competitions in the Czech Republic. The greatest successes are outlined below.

2011 Packaging of the Year

Oxabag – Loose leaf tea, differently

This certified competition in the Czech Republic and neighbouring Slovakia celebrates advances in packaging called “Packaging of the Year”. The aim is to highlight and subsequently promote the best ideas, innovations and technologies in the commercial space.

2015 Business of the Year for the Zlín region - 3rd place

Recipient of the award for Responsible Company of the Zlín region

As a consequence of the variety of disciplines involved and its focus on regions, this is one of the biggest commercial contests in the country. The greatest objectivity is applied by the jury, and it makes for a fascinating comparison of participants at a regional and national level. Firms are evaluated for their history and characteristics, and a score is given for partial financial indicators. Each regional jury is made up of representatives from business partners, associations and guilds.

2016 Finalist in the DHL Export Awards 

Set up by the Czech branch of DHL in 1997, the endeavour behind the awards is to promote trade abroad and seek out new markets for products. Overseen by the CzechTrade government agency, the competition’s general partner is UniCredit Bank, in association with the Czech Association for Small Enterprises and Self-Employed Persons, while the professional guarantor is COFACE CZECH.

2018 Nominee for the Business Leader of the Zlín Region Award

Based on analysis of open data on every company in the Czech Republic, the National Business Leaders contest is put on CRIF - Czech Credit Bureau, a. s., a professional guarantor and prestigious enterprise that rates firms in cooperation with Ms. Kouhoutová, the founder of Agentura Helas. The latter also organises national competitions for Entrepreneurs and Exporters.

2019 Winner of Franchisor of the Year for 2018

The purpose of the competition is to highlight franchising and the success it can bring through celebrating concepts for pure franchising that comply with the relevant Code of Ethics. It is held by the non-profit Czech Franchising Association (ČAF), a body which brings together franchisers and experts nationally. The association was established in 1993, and its members include large, well-known international brands and smaller domestic concerns; it is affiliated with the European Franchise Federation and the World Franchise Council.

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