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Petr Zelík

Petr has been in the tea business since 1991, when he started out as a partner in a company that imported products by TEEKANNE to the former Czechoslovakia. He later became the director at a subsidiary of the German firm between 1995 and 1998.

He founded OXALIS in 1993, which was initially dedicated to importing, processing and selling loose leaf tea. Coffee was added towards the end of the decade, supplemented ten years later with select coffee beans for connoisseurs.

A regular visitor of tea and coffee plantations around the world, he deals with the growers directly, getting to know them personally and becoming acquainted with their production processes and penchant for taste, permitting him to make purchases on site. His travels in search of tea have taken him to China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, South Korea and South Africa, while sourcing coffee has led to trips to Panama, Costa Rica and Ethiopia.

He samples tea and coffee every day, having participated in thousands of tasting and evaluation sessions, and contributes to descriptions of taste profiles for every type of tea and coffee sold by OXALIS.

Petr has completed and is certified for the following professional courses:

  • Competence in Evaluation of the Sensory Properties of Wine; put on by a specialist college in Valtice.
  • The Tea Culture & Ceremony of Korea; hosted by the Chungwoon Tea Culture Institute, Boseong (South Korea).
  • Tea in the Gastronomy of the 21st Century; held by the Makro Academy.

Lucie Mikulčíková

She joined the OXALIS team in 2023 as a development specialist, which is perfect for her.

Her job is to sample and evaluate the quality of the various teas, coffees, herbs and components that come in from across the world. She likes to discover new tastes and aromas, and this is the driving force behind the creation of new tea blends that we bring to you every year. She enjoys following trends in the world, whether in terms of flavors, aromas or even colors, all of which inspires her when developing new teas, as well as when looking for new ingredients or suppliers.

Another part of the job is laboratory control and ensuring the health safety of our products.

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