Herbal tea for promoting health

Types of tea

Herbal tea

A firm favourite, other than for making tisanes for drinking, it’s possible to use herbs in the bath, and to create herb-based beauty treatments.

Blends or single varieties for therapy

Herbal teas or tisanes are available as single varieties of herb or as special blends for treatment purposes. Anyone unfamiliar with herbs and how to combine them is recommended to purchase herbal tea in the form of a blend.


Follow these guidelines to amplify the positive effects of the given herb(s). Drink the tisane for 3-4 weeks and then stop for a week. This doesn’t apply to urological tea, which you can be consumed without limitation.

Tisanes intended to combat bronchial or respiratory problems shouldn’t be drunk later than 5 p.m. Those that aid digestion and digestive disorders are to be consumed 30 minutes before a meal.

Important health advice

Caution should be taken when children and pensioners drink herbal tea. The dosage for children and people over 65 corresponds to approximately 1/3 of the recommend amount. Note that pregnant women are not advised to drink herbal tea at all, as it may relax the muscles.

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