Fruit tea

Types of tea

Fruit tea

Unlike black or green teas, fruit tea is not actually tea as such, but a mixture of dried fruit and herbs. OXALIS produces these on a purely natural basis. It’s possible to drink them without any limitation – they are ideal for quenching the thirst and feeling refreshed. They can be prepared either hot or cold.

Four basic components

Fruit infusions most frequently comprise four dry components: hibiscus, rose hips, orange peel and apple.

Hibiscus lends the infusion its characteristic red colour and nice sour taste.

Rose hips are an important source of vitamins C and B and contain numerous substances beneficial to health. This component is added to various herbal blends to stimulate and give energy, encourage weight loss and promote slimming.

Fruit tea for children

While adults often prefer black and green tea, for children the best thing to do is reach for a simple fruit or herbal tea. Strawberry, raspberry and peach are popular flavours. Fruit teas are favoured due to their naturally sweetish taste, even without adding sugar or honey.

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