Ayurvedic tea

Types of tea

Ayurvedic Tea

Ayurvedic teas form part of Ayurvedic medicine. This all-embracing holistic system from India focuses on every aspect of the well-being of humans. It dates back 5000 years to ancient times in India, and is often described as “the mother of all medical treatments”.

Ayurveda endeavours to balance the living organism and replenish its power, decreasing its vulnerability and intensifying stamina. Therefore, it’s more the science of harmonious life than a medical system as such.


In Ayurveda, health means equilibrium. In order to achieve this, the following are combined: healthy food, sport, meditation and respiratory exercises, as well as herbs and spices, all of which strengthen the body and calm the mind. The tea reinforces the nervous system, gives the body energy, clears the mind, acts a medicine and prevents colds and other illnesses.


Allow one teaspoon of the tea per cup. Pour over with boiling water and leave to steep for 5-8 minutes.

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