HoReCa (Catering)


HoReCa catering range

Here at OXALIS we've devised ranges of tea, coffee and cocoa intended solely for the HoReCa or catering sector. As with all our products, the hallmark of the entire assortment can be expressed in one word - quality.

Whether in loose leaf or tea bag form, customers are sure to enjoy the superior teas we’ve especially selected and packaged. The tea we import comes directly from the countries of origin. The blends are our own, developed by our top-secret, in-house laboratory, which are then produced and packed by us.

The selection of coffee is also unique to us, as it's roasted on our very own roaster, so represents an experience unlike any other. Follow the link for Ikona Coffee or click here to learn more.

Want to offer customers something different? Then take a look at the exclusive types of cocoa we sell. Honestly, they're nothing at all like the types seen on supermarket shelves.

A recent trend that just continues to rise is the demand by consumers for Matcha. This powdered green tea isn't only healthy, it's tasty and extraordinarily flexible. If it's not on your menu currently, then you owe it to yourself to check it out.

All the products outlined above are best presented in the tableware sets we've devised for that very purpose. Details of these accessories are given on every page.

Our catering range is a cut above the ordinary - something your customers are bound to appreciate again and again.

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