HoReCa Ikona Coffee



Our IKONA COFFEE roastery range comprises carefully selected coffee from professionally skilled farmers. Apart from the well-balanced VICTORIA espresso blend, several more single origin coffees are available that we import directly from farms. These largely correspond with the characteristics of a micro-lot.

Our selection only utilises arabica coffee. We purchase coffee purely during the season it’s picked, meaning that availability ceases once it has been sold out. So it is always the freshest coffee imaginable!

We roast green coffee beans on a premium, state-of-the-art roaster for complete consistency in flavour profile and type of roast.

For the current assortment of IKONA COFFEE, please follow this link.

Apart from the IKONA COFFEE brand, Oxalis offers another 22 types of speciality coffee and 2 OxaPresso espresso blends that are 100% arabica in content. The range is topped off with the Roxanne espresso blend, which is a combination of light arabica (50%) and washed Indian robusta (50%).

Take a look at our assortment of coffee cups and accessories, which are sure to present our coffee at its best. Click here for more information.

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