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Work with us

We’re constantly on the look-out for distributors across the globe. Here are some reasons you should consider OXALIS as a trading partner. A Czech company with a history spanning over 20 years, we run our own domestic retail network, cooperate with franchising units and export to over 38 countries. Our product range encompasses tea, coffee, cocoa, accessories and more besides, with over 1,500 items in total.

Quality is the top criterion in selecting raw materials and in all matters. By directly importing from source and processing in-house, our prices remain very competitive.

We have a laboratory for conducting research and development, in addition to which we blend and aromatise teas and coffee to our own recipes and to order. Our coffee roastery utilises an advanced, state-of-the-art roaster that ensures consistency in flavour profile and type of roast. Premises comprise production facilities, warehousing and a distribution centre, whilst there are also plans to expand the HQ for different purposes over the next few years.

The list of accessories includes unique products labelled as OXALIS design unavailable elsewhere. OXALIS adheres with health and food safety standards, and is a member of the PRO-BIO association of environmentally-friendly food and drink producers.

Become a wholesale customer of Oxalis
Note: information’s given further below for the territory of the Czech or Slovak Republics. Scroll to view what’s required for these two countries.

If you’re based outside of the two nations listed above, please contact our Export department to explore wholesale options:

Ludmila Chmelová
Mobile phone: +420 734 230 532
Tel.: +420 577 127 129

Patricie Beránková
Mob. +420 734 230 539               
Tel.: +420 577 127 119

Information on registration
In order to become a wholesale customer, it’s necessary to be registered on OXALIS’ wholesaler system. We’ll need the following information for registration:

1) An extract from the Commercial Register or a copy of your Trade Licence.

2) A full delivery address, including a branch/outlet’s name, if different from the invoicing address.

3) A tax reference number, if you have one.

4) Details on the contact person, their telephone number and e-mail.

5) Please provide data on where you intend to sell our products; i.e. whether it’s a bricks-and-mortar shop, a coffee shop, tea room, e-shop, cake shop, health food store, etc.

6) Please state the name of the town and municipality where the branch/outlet is located.

7) Tell us in what form you’re going to sell tea and coffee. Do you plan to sell in packaged bags of specific weight, or loose according to weight?

Please email all the above information to [email protected], or in writing to OXALIS, spol. s r.o., K Teplinám 663, 763 15 Slušovice.

If everything’s in order, we’ll register you on the system and send a printed catalogue complete with a price list, your registration details and information on how to place wholesale orders.

Feel free to contact our customer service department to discuss the matter further:

Mobile phone: +420 734 230 532, +420 603 843 297
E-mail: [email protected]


If you’re based in Slovakia, please contact our exclusive distributor in the country.
Mobile phone: +421 0948 692 547
E-mail: [email protected]
OTHER COUNTRIES (contact the Export dept. - see above for details)

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