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Roasting coffee at Oxalis

The company’s been a foremost roaster in coffee in the Czech Republic since 2013. Having had a great experience using a Loring Smart roaster, the Merlin model, a more powerful type called the Kestrel was selected to supplement it, due to its ability to roast up to 35 kg of green coffee in one batch. Technologically it’s a very advanced machine, and has the added benefit of being environmentally-friendly. Thanks to the device's patented Flavor-Lock Roast Process, roasting consumes less energy, so it’s more efficient than similar equipment. The aim of the OXALIS roastery is to create superior fresh coffee boasting a unique profile and taste.

Loring Smart roasters differ from the competition as they only contain a single burner, which provides the hot air for roasting the coffee and the subsequently burns off the smoke and smells generated during roasting. A cyclone unit located over the burner allows combustion products to be pushed into its inner space, where the vast majority of solid particles are combusted.

During its activity, the cyclone unit recirculates a significant proportion of the hot air, dramatically reducing the need to heat yet more air. The roaster’s advanced technology reduces fuel costs by up to 80% in comparison with ordinary roasters, in addition to which the roasting process takes place smoke-free, so greenhouse gas emissions are also 80% lower for each roasting cycle.

A recent innovation is to remove oxygen from the roasting environment, thereby minimising its presence during roasting. In combination with increased humidity, it has the effect of locking flavour into the beans, further helped by a stage of rapid cooling once the roasting chamber is emptied of coffee. Interestingly, the roasting process has completely ceased by this stage, since there’s nothing that would otherwise continue it. No external factors, such as changes in weather or staff, exert any effect, as roasting takes place in a closed system without the need for air.

The roaster has intelligent control mechanisms that facilitate a uniform standard of roast for each batch, with all relevant feedback given at regular intervals on a touchscreen and via the Internet. This means that the roast master is able to fully control the roasting profile, thereby achieving an optimum, consistent roast.

Checking the appearance of beans during roasting is routine practice through the use of a scoop built into the machine. By doing so, the roast master’s able to assess the ongoing status of the batch, allowing them to immediately respond if necessary. This means that, despite the advanced technology in use, there’s still space for originality or singularity on the part of the roast master, which is something a client might request. In effect, it’s a highly flexible system that facilitates countless roasting profiles.

Coffee by OXALIS – as fine and fresh as it gets

We roast smart, with Loring Smart.

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