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Franchising opportunities and network



Please note, the information on this page is only relevant to the Czech Republic, not any other territory.

We’re seeking to broaden our number of franchise outlets. Read on if you’re interested in learning more about our highly developed concept and strategy.

OXALIS began its franchising activities back in the spring of 1998, which was informed by the company’s experience in retail. Since then the number of franchise outlets has continued to grow.

The concept in place has been perfected with an consultant, RNDr. Jiří Lošták. The aim has been to raise OXALIS’ public profile, while also ensuring uniform conditions for all franchisers, standardising the management of the entire retail network and providing proper marketing support. Our efforts to date have proven very worthwhile, partly due to a boom in franchising in the Czech Republic.

Our endeavour is to make sure that a balance is struck that satisfies both OXALIS and the franchisee. After discussing the various nuances that inevitably differentiate each potential outlet, it’s necessary to address matters such as the design of the shop, training, the assortment of goods and staffing.

Ultimately, we view our role as the franchisor as that of enabling the franchisee to commercially undertake business activities by selling our products. Consequently, we focus on preparing the partner as fully as possible and providing them with the know-how to get started properly, so they go on to become a firm fixture in our expanding franchise network.

Without further ado, here’s what we bring to the table:

• A track record in proven know-how
• The possibility to participate in the development and expansion of the OXALIS brand
• An extraordinarily wide range of goods
• Central purchasing of goods and services
• Reliable logistics
• Robust infrastructure of information and communication
• Centralised marketing, advertising and sales promotion
• Training and education

Often franchisees of OXALIS start out as one the following:

• An entrepreneur (or someone wishing to be one) with some experience, business acumen and management and leadership skills. Under such circumstances, OXALIS would prepare a business project for the commercial outlet in question and carry out complete training for the franchisee and the members of staff.
• A manager working in a similar line of business that wishes to enter into business independently.
• An existing company or natural person undertaking commercial activities in the same sector or something similar, which/who can envisage its future and broadening sphere of influence in conjunction with the strong, established brand of OXALIS.

The advantages of franchising with OXALIS:

• Unified appearance of OXALIS retail and franchise stores
• Interaction with proven and known brands
• Training and education
• Economical use of your time – our successful and proven concept saves you time, allowing you to concentrate on the business itself
• A centralised marketing strategy

Initial investment:

• 800,000 - 1 million CZK, depending on the size of the store
• An entry fee of 100,000 CZK

If this grabs you, then drop an email to Helena Mertova, at [email protected]

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