Direct trade Coffee


Our criterion for choosing suppliers of coffee is just the same as it is for customers who opt to buy from OXALIS - we wish to get to know them and what they stand for. Our approach is to do business at a personal level and source coffee straight from those who grow it whenever possible, which is referred to as direct trade. We become acquainted with the farmers, who make recommendations and give us access to the finest coffee beans. Conditions for continued cooperation are facilitated by this kind of partnership, affording the opportunity to improve the quality of the coffee and the methods used. 

An important aspect is ensuring the price we pay is a fair one, sufficient to cover the expenses associated with the hard work of running a farm and for it to operate on a sustainable basis. Producers then have the capacity to innovate, develop and cultivate their business, allowing them to invest in improvements in production and processes, resulting in a superior crop and better working conditions for employees.

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