This is our modern and cosy café in Prague that serves fine tea or flavoured varieties and coffee by OXALIS, as well as desserts and healthy snacks.

The venue can seat up to 15 guests and is suitable for hosting business meetings or get-togethers, and ideal for taking a moment for yourself or for a pleasant date.

Prague Tea Centre

A venue set up by OXALIS given over to the culture of tea and coffee and gastronomy, it’s where tasting sessions are held as well as courses on such subjects and related aspects of mental well-being. Equipped with all the necessary equipment and resources, it has a capacity of 15 people. Sign up for a seminar to learn something new and have fun at the same time.

Tasting sessions and classes are scheduled for particular dates, and include mixing original blends of tea, brewing coffee at home in different ways, Vedic meditation and painting mandalas.

Where to find it

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