OXALIS 2019/2020

aStraia by oXaliS We have harnessed the renowned health benefits of green tea and coffee, capturing them within our brand-new assortment of personal care products. Made in a traditional method, the items contain precious natural extracts derived from high-quality ingredients that have transitioned from the cup into these original creations by OXALIS. The hair care and beauty products either feature essence of a green tea from Japan – Sencha Satsuma – or green arabica coffee – Colombia Supremo, lending them unique properties. Their effects are enhanced by popular natural components in cosmetics, such as superior quality vegetable oils, butters and waxes, which blend seamlessly withmodern ingredients including hyaluronic acid, natural emulsifiers and filters. Each product in the ASTRAIA line is sure to delight and enchant with its unrivalled aroma. Importantly, the shampoos, conditioners, soaps and creams are kind to skin, making them suitable for those with sensitive complexions. Beauty, naturally. cool drinkS Original cold drinks from select teas by OXALIS. Real refreshment awaits. The Cool Drinks are cold-brewed in cold water over many hours, a slow process which lends them all a distinctive flavour and aroma. An intense sensation, the Cool Drinks are prepared from our most popular teas and coffees, renowned for their precise balance of ingredients. A modicum of high-quality cane sugar enhances the taste, but sugar-free versions are also available. The entire production process is handled in the Czech Republic, meaning every stage is under OXALIS’ complete control. Practical, attractive and truly refreshing. Sold in stylish glass bottles, they can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.