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HoReCa catering tea range


Although loose leaf tea has always been key to OXALIS’ range of products, we appreciate that it might not be the most convenient option.

That’s why we’ve essentially “tamed” our most popular loose leaf teas, packing them in environmentally friendly tea bags.

Read on to learn more about this range especially produced for the catering trade, as well as about our premium loose leaf options, the rising-star of the green tea world – Matcha, and our iced tea varieties.

Don't forget that OXALIS has every accessory you could possibly need for serving tea to customers. Our stylish tea sets have been chosen for that very purpose. Click here to learn more.

OXABAG – loose tea, conveniently

The OXABAG range is represented by 12 types of loose tea packed in portions made of filtration paper. A pack contains 10 tea bags, which can be distributed individually as they are packed separately in cellophane sachets. Each tea bag facilitates easy preparation of 400 – 500 ml of tea. The weight of one tea bag is 4 g, and 5 g for fruit infusions.

Oxabag: Granny's Garden

A free tea menu and wooden chest can be ordered together with teas to serve as a display unit, containing eight compartments for storing selected teas.

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Loose leaf tea in pyramid-shaped tea bags – BON THÉ

A selection of the finest from the Oxalis range of teas, BonThe ensures a perfect brew every time. Loose leaf teas are packed in pyramid-shaped bags that do not affect the taste of the tea, in addition to which they are transparent so give a good view of the whole tea leaves and other components inside. The tea bags are biodegradable as they are made from cornflour, meaning they are kind to the environment. They are available in attractive boxes containing 16 tea bags, or in bulk quantities. Our proposal includes provision of a tea menu free of charge and display stands for 8 or 12 boxes of tea. The display unit can be free-standing or hung on a wall.

Bon The: Mate Lemon

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Loose leaf tea has been gaining in significance in the catering (HoReCa) segment. It’s the most natural version of tea that people have known about since time immemorial. It can be characterised by several attributes:

High quality comes as standard - anyone can ensure the quality of the leaves at the point of selection. The structure of the tea leaves is neither affected by mechanical processing nor hidden away, out of view, inside a bag. Loose leaf teas can easily be assessed visually, as well as by aroma and the sense of touch.
Wide range of tea variations several hundred types of loose leaf tea are on the market.
Low cost per serving – loose leaf tea is not packed in single portions, so it does not include any additional materials (filtration paper, string, tags, and so on). This reduces the actual purchase price.
The various components of each tea are present in their compact, undamaged or unbroken form (pieces of fruit, herbs and others). This results in a greater level of visual diversity between the numerous types, and heightens the effectiveness of tea blends.

We have selected 50 types that essentially cover the variation of tea in its entirety. Choose from these to form the assortment that best suits your needs. Should assistance be required, please do not hesitate to contact our experts.

OXALIS loose leaf teas are packed in 0.5 or 1 kg bags. Our recommendation is to use the ITAKA set or PHILLIP tea set for one.

Here is the link to view the range of teas available.

Matcha – a very special green tea

Matcha boasts the longest history of all shaded Japanese green teas, it comes in powder form and has been traditionally used in Zen Buddhist ceremonies for over 800 years. Matcha contains far more substances beneficial to health than any other form of green tea. It’s characteristic for its high content of chlorophyll – a rich source of antioxidants, and L-Theanine – an amino acid responsible for its full-bodied and smooth taste. Moreover, this amino acid encourages relaxation and helps to reduce stress. Amazingly, the quantity of antioxidants in one serving of Matcha equals that of 10 cups of ordinary green tea.

Matcha sachets

Other beneficial substances in Matcha are antioxidants - catechins, the most appreciated of which is EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). Consequently, Matcha has 17 times the antioxidation capacity of blueberries and 26 times that of acai berries.

OXALIS imports Matcha directly from three territories: Japan (its traditional home), South Korea and China. All the varieties available are organic. In addition to selling Matcha packaged in an original caddy (30 g), we also offer single-serving portions for one bowl (cup) for convenient preparation.

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OXALIS iced teas

Our range of loose leaf tea also includes a comprehensive selection of tea blends intended for preparing ice-cool drinks. This assortment comprises green, white and fruit mixtures of teas that are characterised by a high content of invigorating components, such as citrus fruits or mint. Indeed, these blends are suitable for drinking hot or cold.

We offer 4 types of iced teas packed in 1 kg bags.

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